Food now and how it used to be

Everyone no matter what their age will remember the stories.


Our grandparents saying “In my day”  The stories of how they walked for miles in the snow to school sometimes without shoes.  The stories of how they would only get bread and butter for tea sometimes.  How they would eat these soups or stews that were full of saturated animal fats.  Some stories would be an exaggeration of the truth but one thing that is true is how much things have changed since including our foods.


They never used to feed or use growth hormones, antibiotics or similar products while raising animals.  Most butchers back then had their own farm land or bought from people very local.  The meat was fresh and free from all man-made toxins.  Animals add grass which also did not have anything added to it.


Now most animals are raised in factories, some never see sunlight and some even live in tiny unsanitary conditions.  Before they were constantly out never indoors now it is the opposite.  This is leading to diseases that spread a lot quicker not to mention the drugs given to help them grow quicker.  People wonder why people are more malnourished now then 50-100 years ago it is because our meat is not fresh.


Let’s talk about fruit and veg something people think of as having very high nutrients.

Chemical Pesticides and fertilizers decrease and damage fruit and veg.  They never used these product’s which is why a lot of nutrients in these fruit and vegetables have dropped up to as high as 37%!  Imagine that years ago a single fruit you would have got 100% nutrients from now you have lost 37% of the nutrients.

Imagine in another 50 years!  They say you need to eat 8 oranges to get the same amount of vitamin A your grandparents would have gotten from just 1!


With this crisis rising more people having deficiencies and illnesses from lack of nutrients people now have turned to supplements but the issues with supplements?

They add things to it that are not needed or have other side effects.  You still don’t get a lot of nutrients from them either.


So the alternative?  Foods farmed free from these chemicals and harvested naturally.  These are hard to come by and shops certainly do not sell these.  They do sell products that are created from these fruits or vegetables but again they process takes out most of the nutrients so you believe your getting amazing benefits when in fact you are not.

So what now?  There are many companies out there who specialize in products that are just that!  100% Natural, the products made in a way so you get nearly all the nutrients from the fruit and veg.  One of these companies I promote and the value of these products are totally amazing.  These foods are known as super foods they came from all over the world not just your country.

Click below to take a look.



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