Mind is now open and 10 weeks gamble free!

So huray I have made it to 10 weeks of no gambling today is exactly day 71!! I feel like I accomplishing things a lot more and not gambling has also made me have a clear mind and realise a  lot of things.

So what have I accomplished in these 10 weeks??  Amazing things yes the beginning was hard and I struggled to even think straight!!   But slowly things started getting better.
I got myself into a routine where I had time to myself and help my mind heal.

I’m not saying it is not still hard!   Picking up one of them magazines with real life stories seeing the full page adverts saying £30 free does make me stop and think.

But I am strong enough and I keep fighting those thoughts.
Other things have came to be clearer I realised how stressed I was.  How easily I was annoyed at the slightest thing.  But most importantly things have became clear.  I have noticed a lot of things that are wrong in my life.  also a lot of things that actually could have pushed me to gamble.
Things are about to change it might take me a few months but these are changing and it will be amazing and help so much.

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