I have a must master list!

I list lists what can I say! It is the truth I find them comforting and kind of like goals I can tick off!  They are truly amazing or can be if they are done the right way!


So I started this list after my addiction I decided I would write a list of things I want to accomplish or master!  So as I tick them off I get a few things!


  1.  The sense I achieved something
  2.  Pride I have done it for myself
  3. Ability to do things I would never have done!
  4. Ability to add things as I wish!

Now here is the thing about this list!  It is not a, I MUST DO! If I try and try and can’t do it then that is fine I mean not everyone can high jump.  No matter how much you try and practice if the talent is not there you won’t achieve the high jump but it will be fun trying!


It is more a try for a minimum amount of time if I fall in love I keep at it!  If I don’t then don’t stress move on to something else!  To many people get to the end of their life thinking I wish I had tried or done more!

So I have done the following or tried in my life,

  1. Become gamble free
  2. Cross stitching
  3. Knitting
  4. Playing guitar
  5. Playing Piano
  6. Using a camcorder to film
  7. Using a boom
  8. Training to interview people on camera
  9. Filming different things.
  10. Blogging
  11. Building a website
  12. Creating my own business


That is just some!  Now some I have ticked because I do them I enjoy it and I am successful at it!  Some are ticked because I have accomplished them but maybe not enjoyed them so much some are still to be ticked because I quit!


I do not like that word!  I don’t like quitting which is why they stay on my list I will accomplish them along with other things I have written down!


So what is my next to do?


Yoga and playing the guitar!


I enjoyed playing the guitar it lasted around 4 months!  I bought an electric guitar and everything but soon life got in the way or that is what I said to myself and I gave it up!  But not now I am dedicating time every day to learning the guitar!


Yoga is something I have always been interested in but honestly, I am not flexible!  I dislike exercise routines with downward, dog in them!  Seriously I can not accomplish that at the minute but I certainly will do soon!


Don’t worry about if you can do it!  Put it on your list and be sure at the end of your life you have a list full of ticks to say you at least tried and had fun!


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