Let’s talk about mornings and well the truth!

Ok, I know what you are thinking, Mornings?  No, I am not a morning person.  I was the same I hit the snooze button constantly in a way to avoid getting out of bed!  I need more sleep, I’m too tired, Just 5 more minutes, I have time to sleep a little longer…..


What did I gain?  Or you?  More than likely nothing, More tired, late, rushing around, forgetting things, stress everything we did not want we got because of that horrid snooze button!


You see this was me I have 5 kids and only got out if I really needed to or they woke me up.  7 am I would get up!  Giving me an hour to get everything done and get all 5 kids dressed and fed yeah sounds impossible!  And it made it harder for me and caused more work!


You’re probably thinking “What are you waffling on about women?”  Well here’s the thing I recently implemented something amazing!  I read a book (Will be below)  and it changed my whole thinking my whole mindset and my life! I never thought I was a morning person but now I realize everyone can be we just make excuses to stay in bed longer.  But there is good news!  It is easy to change old habits and I will share a few tips from this book here for you if you’re not sure, buy the book!  There is several for every person, network marketing, parents etc.


So I started by setting my alarm at 4:55 AM!  Yes that is right I was up at 4:55 this morning but guess what!  I did not feel tired!  I did not feel like hitting that snooze button.  I used to before bed think, “Oh, I am going to be tired tomorrow” What did this tell my mind?  When I woke up it would tell me I am tired.  What you do and think before you fall asleep actually does affect your mornings!  You are probably like me while I was reading the book no way could that one thought make such a difference!


Keep reading and try implementing things I promise you will be amazed even buy the book and read it! So the next thing is rather than thinking tomorrow I am going to be tired you say to yourself before bed something like.

“I am going to sleep at __ and my alarm is set for __ I will wake up at this time and feel energized.  I will have got __ hours sleep which is enough actually no this is more than enough sleep that I need.


Sounds stupid but it really does work!  A lot of successful people cope with 4 or 5 hours sleep during busy schedules!  You don’t really need more than 7 or 8 hours sleep despite what you think.


Step 2!  Move your alarm if you have to get out of bed to turn it off.  You are then kick starting your body in the morning!  Which means your less likely to hit the snooze button!


Step 3 don’t get back in bed!  Go to the bathroom and splash water on your face!


Step 4 drink a glass of water.


While doing this.  Think to yourself!  “I feel energized, I had a good amount of sleep and I am ready to face today!”


What you do after that is up to you! You have all those hours spare now to have time to do things you do not normally do!


Here is my morning routine!  I get a lot done and while it seems packed it isn’t rushed.  I am in a relaxed state of mind because I know I have time to do things!


Now for you, it will be different depending on your life, work etc.  I work from home so I implement some things into it that I need like visualization, affirmations, work etc.


So what book did I read?




As I said there are a few books, There is the original miracle morning, then ones for network marketers, parents, entrepreneurs, writers.  Just take a look find the one or one’s you think can help you!


Mornings can be stressful as it is without the added stress of sleeping longer then we need to!  Go ahead try it I bet you won’t say “I am not a morning person” Anymore!

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