Hospital appointment, School Visit, Birthday and Sickness bug!

What fun these last few days have been!

Due to one of the twins been sick Sunday, she was off from school Monday.  So we had a trip to our local Tesco store to get some groceries.  We then came home and waited for the others to finish school.  Monday was a quiet day in general TomorrowI planned a trip into town in the morning to finish Birthday shopping for the youngest.  Again taking Elysa as she could not go back to school till Wednesday.


Well, Tuesday came!  We dropped Sophia at nursery and the other 3 kids at School.  We went straight into town and did some shopping but I got a phone call around 10:15 saying Sophia had to come home.  So off we went rushing to finish and get the bus to the nursery.

When we got to the nursery, I was told she had Diarrhea and would have to stay off for 48 hours at minimum after it cleared!  I just hoped she did not get sick and spoil her birthday which was the next day.

So we went home spent the day the same pretty much in the house wrapping her presents.  Watching films and cuddling until it was time to pick kids up.


Wednesday Birthday!  So I woke up Wednesday got downstairs and got her presents sorted.  She came down and opened them excited and having fun.  No disappointment that I had not bought her any Teletubbies toy.

Around 7:50 she started saying she felt sick and asking for the bucket! Yes, a just turned 3-year-old asking for the sick bucket!!



I felt awful, I took the kids to school came back and we cuddled and watched a film followed by some creative play with her new craft stuff she got for her birthday.


By around 4 o’clock I myself was not feeling great but put it down to stress and not eating well.  I couldn’t get ill!  Mia has her appointment at the hospital with ENT the next day and I had to visit my son’s high school he got accepted into!


But waking up around 11:30 I was far from OK!  Sick and diarrhea had hit me as well I was hoping it would pass quickly!  However, I ended up partly sleeping on a chair in the living room.  I say partly sleeping cause I fell asleep around 5:45 to be awakened at 6 am with the kids!  My partner took them to school and I tried to sleep with Sophia most of the day as she still was not well!  Canceling the hospital appointment and school visit. Still, ill Thursday night, however, waking up Friday feeling a lot better.  So I took a trip to Tesco and did some shopping.


Hopefully, next week goes a little better! I mean I should be saying hopefully it will only be us three who get the sickness bug and none of the other kids!  Otherwise yes that is right another whole week of sickness bug in the house and unable to go out not to mention the fact its mothers day soon!

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