Mummies Sick…Oh Well

It’s one of them things about been a mum.  You can never truly stop been a mum or not pay attention to your kids because you’re ill or having a bad day! 
Let’s look at it this way.  You get a stomach bug single mums have no choice but to get up and fight it with a  baby clutching to their leg.  It’s what been a mum is about! 
Even mums with partner’s can sometimes have to deal with it on their own because their partners work.
But what is funny is the fact even if we get told “go to bed I’ll look after the kids”  We can’t well we can but we find ourselves waking at cry wondering if they are OK.  Unable to settle because you have your own routine wondering if daddy has made dinner yet, or given the morning snack.
But you can guarantee that those times your so ill your body just collapses and you have no choice but to sleep.  Yeah that’s right your darling children choose then to scream, kick and cry for mummy until daddy takes you to her!! 
Then there is that thing you know that fact they know your ill by yourself abs weak!   “mummies poorly let’s try get biscuits or sweets out of her”   or the “mummy said movie day that means we get lots of sweets and biscuits”
We say “cheese sandwich for dinner”  kids say “I don’t like cheese no more I want pizza” 
Been a mum you can never stop or turn it off.  If your a  mum who cares and loves your children you will do relate to this and understand!   A mum no matter how ill will find it hard to ignore her baby crying out for her even if daddy is holding her.
Don’t get me wrong sometimes when I’m ill my kids behave sit nice but they are kids and it doesn’t last long!! 

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