The silly things strangers ask!

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It makes me laugh really I mean literally laugh I used to get annoyed been pregnant with one baby the questions people ask and the comments after having the baby.

But that is just a small blip of what someone gets if they have twins or multiples!

You always get the how far gone are you questions no matter what and been pregnant with one is tiring enough answering that exact same question multiple times a day!

Then towards 38 weeks you get the “You must be close now your huge” “Isn’t he here yet?” Statements! Only a couple of weeks though you need to hear these.

But for twin mums wow you can not imagine the amount of times you get stopped and questioned!  Its like a pregnancy police check every 5 people you walk past!

“Wow your huge when are you due?”  My response ended up been “What do you mean I am huge I am only 3 months pregnant”  This made them quickly walk away looking at me like I was crazy.

“Is there really only two in there?”  I started responding no actually there is just 1 they measured the same baby twice thinking there was two”

Hitting the 4-5 months mark what fun that is!  You get the whole “Wow your ready to drop” my response “Yeah its been 4 months I am fed up now”

You see having one baby you don’t get that many questions until the very end when your looking like your full term!  With twins you look full term around 4 months pregnant so you have 5 months of these questions!

The assumption I hated was “Surely they will give you a c-section your so small!”  Thanks just because of my size you assume I can not push out a baby like everyone else!

What ever you do DO NOT SAY IT IS TWINS!

I made this mistake a few times, When people assumed I was ready to drop when I was just 4 months gone!  This unleashed a whole huge questionnaire!

I love them T-Shirts!  Saying things like YES I am having twins do not ask, or Yes there is only two in here. it kind of stops the questions before they even get chance to ask!

Now lets talk about the questions you get after having the babies some are just ignorance others have you stood there thinking “Are you freaking kidding me?  Did you really just ask me that?”

So a few I encountered after having my twins.

“How cute a boy and girl are they twins?”  Both wearing matching pink coats and clothing!  My response “No they are both boys I just like dressing them as girls”  I mean seriously!! Wearing pink dresses and you assume one is a boy?

“Double Trouble”  Sorry but if you have 2 kids of different ages you still have double trouble only one is older and wiser and gets the younger one to do the work so they don’t get caught!

“Are they natural?”  At first I would look stunned and say “yes” But after a while it is actually quit offensive so soon I replied “No sorry they where made in test tubes and incubators until full term then I adopted” The looks I got !  I mean no matter how they where conceived they are still natural!

“Which is the evil twin?”  I have yes been asked this!  How the hell do you respond to this?  When they was babies I just laughed awkwardly and walked away quickly.  But as one twin started getting attitude and mastered evil eyes Oh what fun we had!

I would say “She is watch her” Pointing to the wrong twin while the other was sat there giving the death stare and a evil chuckle! Then I would reply “Oh no wait it got passed onto her now”

I mean seriously why would you ask that?  Which is the evil twin? None do people really believe one twin is good and one is evil?  Apparently so!

So here is a few more questions you get.

“Are they identical”

“Are they twins?” (reply yes) “How old is she?” (reply one) “So sweet how old is her twin?” Erm 35???

“You have your hands full” No having twins as a doddle having 5 is a hands full!

“You look so worn out”  This honestly normally was said after I had a good nights sleep! Seriously I feel great and then someone says I look like crap Thanks!

“Do they have the same dad?”

“Are they yours?”

“Do they share the same birthday?”

The struggles of just going to the shop!  It is a 2 minute walk and took like 20 minutes!  Not because of the babies no no no because of strangers stopping you every minute to look at the babies! They are the same as other babies just 2!

So  what ever you do next time you see a pregnant lady or a mum of twins/multiples do not ask the stupid questions!  Think about how many times today they have already been asked it!

You can only imagine the questions I get asked walking down the street with these three!

I should point out no they are not really triplets and I am talking about them been twins!  The twins where 5 in this picture and their sister 4!  She is just catching up with them quickly!  And obviously now I get asked daily are they triplets!  So I have gone from the twins questions to triplets questions!

Here’s a few pictures of their first 2 years!  Who can relate?  Or did you get asked something I did not cover here?  Comment below.

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  1. Erica says:

    Wow, they really can pass as triplets. How fun for all three of them to grow up together so close in age. And I have so many friends with twins an it is amazing how people will just come out and ask how they’re conceived. You’re really asking that of a stranger??? Crazy!


    1. I know they really can 😂😂 it is I guess saying did you have to use if to conceive wouldn’t be too bad it’s the are they natural!!


  2. kage2015 says:

    This had me laughting and remembering all the dumb questions from people when I was expecting. Could never get over strangers wanting to touch my stomach.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know it’s like invasion isn’t it can i feel your bump!!


  3. Lydia says:

    When my twins were born (boy & girl) I lost track of the number of times I was asked if they were identical! “No actually there is a difference between a boy and a girl if you haven’t noticed”


    1. I know I have seen many twin mummy friends asked the same about their girl and boy!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. nikelestone says:

    Sometimes people just say the craziest things to expecting moms. I can totally see how hard it would be to take the comments in stride – especially when expecting multiples. Your girls are too cute!



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