It’s Messy It’s Fun It’s Been A Mum

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If you are someone who hates mess, unexpected accidents, blood, sick and drawing on walls you should always avoid been a mum!


Most things can be avoided but it would mean having you kids next to your feel every second of every day and lets be honest some days we just need a bit of time to hide in the toilet and have some peace and quiet.


A life of a mum should be fun it should be messy and it should be filled with accidents, crying, sickness, and well the thought of “WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?”


Now if I was to take a picture of all the walls and doors in my house not a single will have escaped the craws of my children and  the ink of their pens.  But that is kids right?  They have to experiment drawing on everything including the sofa and bed sheets oh and don’t forget the tv!  yes it already has pretty pictures on but you know kids they can make it look  better with a bit of pen!


So here are some of my messy times! WARNING SOME GRAPHIC CONTENT!

Some fun ones first!  Then we get the to unexpected, they “Why would you do that” and the “OMG I want to be sick!”


Avoiding fun messy play is not right kids should be free to do this while you are there helping them watching them!

Look at the smiles the concentration and happiness on their face!  Remember I said it should be with your supervision?


Well this one totally failed!


Splatted eggs on the floor!  A mum knows just how awful and frustrating this is eggs are one of the worse things to clean up!


Think that is funny?  How about this?

So who looks most innocent?  The baby says she did not go near the paint yet the evidence is on her!  The older girl insists she did not touch it the baby put it on her!  Now I am no expert but I am sure the baby would be a little more covered had she put it on her.

This was one of them times I was like “Why would you do this??”

Now there is some things you can not handle been a mum



That is the dreaded Illnesses, sickness bugs and everything in between! These can not be stopped with school nursery etc they are going to get sick at some point!


Then there is these the accidents that could be avoided had they just listened but you know what kids are kids they won’t!


Story one!  She was told a few times not to sit on the skateboard and push down the hill because her feet would get dragged back resulting in her face hitting the floor.

10 minutes later she decided mum’s not watching quick do it!  For that to happen!  Bust lip, blood everywhere, her white olaf jumper covered and still the next day she tried to do it again!


Story two every day every second actually they get told do not jump around on the sofa did they listen?? No so obviously falling off hitting her nose off the table resulted in this!  What happened the next day?  She started jumping on the sofa again!


No matter how many times a child gets hurt doing something fun that is dangerous as well they are going to keep trying to do it one because its fun and two because surely it won’t happen again right?


Then there is these types of not so accident accidents!


She looks fine right?  Maybe thinking her tooth hurts? hurt her leg? No this child has something wrong with her you can not see well not without a x-ray!  Deciding she was bored and wanting to go see her doctors and nurses at the hospital she put a bead up her nose!  YES A bead up her nose!


After explaining on the way to a&e how she was wasting their time and would not see her usual specialist and spending from 6pm-11pm in a&e she realized her plan did not work and got no fun out of it.


You see been a mum is not easy, it is not all about the first steps, first word, first day at school.  Its about the mess, the illnesses, the cuts, bruises, paint mishaps, wall drawings and everything else!  You need to embrace it and enjoy it because that is part of been a child growing up!  Without it your missing big steps in their childhood.


Motherhood is fun, exciting, exhausting, tiring,  tormentful, on edge, and stressing but every single bit of it is worth it if you let go of the worries and make sure you are there to show them things are wrong, right and cheer them up after a fall.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Awww they are adorable! being a mom must be so challenging and also rewarding. Thanks for showing me some of the things to come in the future!


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