Happy Internation Womens Day


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Well it is 8th March 9:50 here in the UK.  Today is a day for women to celebrate all they have achieved in the many years!

Life was not always so simple women could not vote!  Work or really have much of a say in how things where done!

So today’s blog is all about recognizing women and their strengths!  Thinking of those around the world in places who do not yet have women’s rights! And thanking the men who stand up and also believe women have rights.

So today I will be posting a bit about women who are inspirational either from the past, my own life, or celebrities!

So lets take a look at this women for a second.  Most know her as Princes Diana!!  She showed people that the royal family could do more and be more hands on she did so much in her short life.


It is not often you see someone royal put themselves out there when there is so much risk!  She did not hide from people with illnesses you can catch she stood up for what she believed and did what she wanted and believed was right! She did not need to go she had a choice stay where she was or put herself out there and show the world there was more!


So next you will all know her as Rosa Parks

She is also known as the “Mother of civil rights” because her arrest for refusing to give up her bus seat sparked the pivotal Montgomery, Alabama, bus boycott.  She is against segregation laws and has been fighting Civil rights for many years!


So a few more are

Marie Curie

Mother Theresa

Susan B. Anthony

The list is endless!  So many women’s names are famous and influence people and inspire them!  Why?  Because they fought for what they believed in they did not conform the the norm like people think they should have!  They stood up for their believes no matter how hard times got!  They could have taken the easy route and stayed and did as they where told but where would women be today without these inspirational women?

Yes some did not change the world drastically but they tried to help!  They tried to show women that there is more and that women should fight for their rights!  Women should empower, uplift and help other women!

So here is my amazing women!  The person who I looked up to growing up!  You won’t know her but she was truly amazing to me.  She taught me so many life lessons and always told me to be myself and never let anyone stop me!

My wonderful Nana!


So comment below who inspires you?  Who do you look up to?  You can have popular well known people and also someone closer to you.




4 Comments Add yours

  1. I am woman – hear me roar! 🙂


  2. Wow you chose some good ones! I think Michelle Obama is quite inspirational without being up on a high horse if that makes sense? She is still humble. A great role model


    1. Totally a lot are now seeing her as a inspiration 😀


  3. katepierce10 says:

    Awesome- we need to do a better job of celebrating the women in our lives and our world. Thanks for sharing.


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