The System Does Not Care

People look at the place and say the workers have failed.

The workers are often the only ones who truly listen and care.

You build new buildings to keep up with times, Adding features such as automatic locked doors so there is no escape.  You add things like cameras and fancy clothing which must be worn.

You tell your future they have to wear it with pride inside and outside the building.

Your pro-ceders as amazing be rarely followed.


I ask you this have you ever stopped and looked and wondered just who this is benefiting?

How about that young girl who committed suicide over been bullied?  Where was your systems and pro-ceders then I ask you?  Those Pro-ceders you say are in place to keep them safe?


I ask you why the need to lock them up like caged animals??  Ever thought most would actually not try to run away if treated with respect? Would you stay in a building that was locked and you could only get out with permission?  Sounds like prison right?  And your doing that to our future!


How about this?  The clothes in insist on our future wearing you spend so much time chasing them down telling them to tuck it in or locking them in a room in a small box for not dressing correctly!  Have you ever though of sitting down and speaking to our future?  Asking why they don’t dress how you ask and seeing if there is another issue?


Would you be happy to work somewhere that you need to ask permission to leave to use the toilet? And often been told to Just wait?!  Or needing a drink and been told no!


Your pro-ceders say that you allow this however looking at complaints its not often allowed you expect the future to go at set times of day and heaven forbid if a female future actually has her monthly cycle!


You re against bullying, abuse and discrimination!  I ask you this if that was true isn’t locking someone in abuse?  Isn’t saying no you can’t leave for the toilet abuse?  Isn’t saying that certain religions can’t wear their religious stuff discrimination?  Or how about this?  Telling the female futures they have to wear females uniforms and male futures males?  Isn’t that discrimination should they not be allowed to chose which they wear?


You tell the future what to wear, how they can have their hair, what shoes are allowed and even force them to do things that they have no interest in, expect them to ask for the toilet to be told no and still expect them to sit nice and listen?


You do these things to make yourself look good against other countries, other cities, other religions yet your missing the big point!  No matter how good you look on paper or in bricks its what comes into your building and how they leave that has the real effect!


You don’t often follow those pro-ceders which is why so many get bullied!  You don’t ask the future what they want you tell them what you want!


They don’t all want foreign languages, or geography, science or even religious studies but yet you still force them to carry on learning things. You know full well they will fail at!  Why I ask you?  To make it look good on a piece of paper that you teach these?  So you can say look at what % of the future did pass?


You see the future do not need geography, religious studies, foreign languages if they don’t want to peruse a career where it is needed.


Why not teach things the future will benefit from?  Money advice, saving, cooking, cleaning, basically skills for leaving home!  Why not teach them how to respect others and care for people!  No you do not because none of that can be given a A* Which is all you care about!


The future is failing it is not always the parents fault it is not the teachers fault it is not the schools fault!  It is the systems fault for not looking and thinking if I was put in this position would I want to stay and learn!  I bet you they would answer no.  If those who create the system would be forced back to school now and no allowed special privileges and told they must be like the future they would come out and change things!


But no right now they care about their looks, the papers, and the reputation of what % pass exams not what happens after they leave, or how those who where bullied would survive after leaving school or just how bad the bullies got once leaving!


The system once worked then it got filled with people who thought they knew the future best and they have failed them with jails for schools and set times to go to the toilet and have a drink!  Why would the future want to stay there?


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