Don’t look at that phone! 

The sun has risen your eyes have opened so why are you reaching for that thing? 
You see your more likely to have an unproductive day if the first thing your brain does is read posts on Facebook.
Why not try sitting there for a few minutes enjoy the peace and quiet.  It gives your mind time to wake up and get things in order.
Now I know some of you will have kids so why not get them settled quick then go and sit for a minute to enjoy the silence.
Now your mind is more open you need to give it some thoughts don’t go with your usual ones of “I can’t be bothered today”   ” today is not going to be good ”

How about trying a few affirmations something to make your day seem brighter?

” today is going to be amazing I’m going to achieve great things”  ” my life may not be perfect but I love it anyway ”
You see doing this as much as possible is training your mind to think good thoughts, rather then the sad ones.

Hey put down that phone I have not finished!   You still have more to do!! 

Want to take it further and achieve more today?   Why not exercise to help wake up your brain.  Exercise is proven to help productivity and making the mind work faster and better.

No I don’t mean a 30 minute work out that would be amazing of course.  But a 2 minute jog on the spot is all it really takes.
Now if you have dreams and wishes why not visualise them.  It’s really not hard to make that picture in your mind and soon it will get clearer.
You see both me and you are guilty of this we let life pass us by with our nose to our phone!   If you can just spend them 10 minutes away from technology in the morning your life will be so much better.  Remember the days when there was no phones you had no choice but to get up and go.  Now we spend so much time laid in bed looking at a phone.

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  1. Rae says:

    I started leaving my phone in the kitchen at night, that way I can start my day without the distraction of a million e-mails, text messages or being sucked in by social media. I actually recently deleted Facebook and Twitter from my phone and feel so much lighter without them!

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    1. That’s not a bad idea I now put mine on aeroplane mode use it for my alarm but with it been on aeroplane mode it doesn’t show notifications from anything so helps


  2. I removed Facebook recently from my phone and I’m really trying to cut down on my phone usage. It’s so easy to get sucked back in though.

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  3. I know I’m limiting my Facebook time set hours for work rest of time I don’t go on Facebook now.


  4. Guilty! That’s something I need to work on!


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