Don’t grow up 

When we was younger we couldn’t wait to get older.  

” I can’t wait to start school ”

 “I can’t wait to go to higj school”  

” I can’t wait till I can leave home ”

“I can’t wait to get a job and leave school” 
We all did it we wished and hoped time would pass quicker so we could grow up and make our own choices.
So to all the children now and in the future listen up and listen good.
Been a adult is not all it seems.  You think you have freedom?  Try been told you have to work at set times on set days.

Holidays??  You get more in school them you do in work.

Sick?  Think again you can’t be sick at work you have to suck it up and battle on.  Because you only have so many paid sick days for your work.
You see growing up is hard believe me I know growing up I used to think.

“if only I could move out” 

“if only I want in school I could escape it” 
My life was far from easy, a lot of kids have a better up brining and I even though that growing up fast was the answer.

Yes high school is hard, trying to fit in with the popular crowd and failing.  Been bullied and unable to do what you want and those horrible subjects you hate.
You think adult life is any different?   Work you battle to be in with the crowd while trying not get higher up the ranks without hurting friends feelings.

You get bullied for not doing things others way, for been to good at your work or not good enough.  You can’t just take breaks when you feel like it toilette yes but anything else is at a set time!   Sounds like freedom yes??  Or so you though it would.
Did you know people work on average for 50 years minimum wage 40hours a week for minimum pensions!  Does that sound like you will have all the money in the world? 
How about those bills they think will be fine?   Prices are rising quickly let me tell you this time 11 years ago £5 on gas would last me 4-5 days now I’m lucky of £10 even lasts a day.
Think you will leave school and get a job??  Think again most people are either top experienced or not enough experience.  Meaning you then sign in to benefits and get judged for not working.
Enjoy your childhood while you can because they are they only years in life you won’t have to work long hours for little money, you won’t have bills to pay, and you do not understand just how much freedom you really have as a kid 

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