You can’t stick to a routine with 5 kids 

There is honestly no easy, simple or quick way of getting the 5 kids bathed.
Monday mornings are hectic so we are getting into order!  How??   Like this…
Sunday before 3pm

Get the kids to fold all their uniforms

Place uniforms on one of their shelves.

Next get coats hang them up on it

Then shoes next to uniform 

Hat scarf and gloves go next 

Then bags as well! 

Oh then clean underwear and pj’s!!

You see bathing them is a fight abs struggle not to bath them no but afterwards the fighting over which clothes they wear! 
So before they get it all sorted on their shelf then they have already chosen and minimises arguments a bit anyway.
Bathing them is fun of I bath the 2 and 4 year old the twins who are 6 moan because they want to go first.

But if the twins go first then it means leaving the 2yr old in the bath alone which I won’t do so means it takes longer.
If the twin go second I can be getting the other two dried and hair done while the twins get washed.
Do tonight was One at a time show never again!! First the argument of who goes first then followed by kids bored running in and out nearly smashing the glass shower door.
But having 2 in the bath at the same time causes arguments

” I want to be at top” ” your legs in the way ” ” you splashed me ” you get the gist lol 
You can only imagine when all 4 share.  The girls love bath bombs but imagine using 2-4 every time I bathed them I would need to make them myself at the cost they are! 
So yes routine helps but you can’t really expect it to go perfectly!! 
Mornings wow my aim is to have them all feed, dressed, shoes, coats etc by 8 am giving me 20 minutes to check everything but no we are only just ready by 8:25 most days will still make it on time but still causes way more stress then needed.
These shelves I love they are stylish for kids look fun and perfect for getting their stuff organised and get them started early.
My son is 10 and at the age where he gets his clothes sorted, bathed etc so he’s easy and simple.  Mornings no he likes to push is luck! 

Five kids is hectic, hair pulling, annoying constant mum for no real reason.
But it is amazing!! 


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