My best apps for blogging 

Hi everyone so I figured I would share a few apps I use and enjoy that help with blogging.

Number one is WordPress

Now this might not be for you as much if you don’t use WordPress but the app is great and so easy to use.

As you can see you get the bold and italic buttons.  You can upload pictures videos etc 

“You can add this speech so easily as well “

Bullet points and numbers links and even switch to html editing.
Now if your like me and love putting words on pictures I highly recommend 


With many features you can choose from different images, text styles, colors, reflection, shadow so much then also boarders and stickers! 

You can rotate the text a well.

It is free to save and no ads on your pictures either.  You can choose to use their backgrounds or apply your own.

Now for those who like to secure and waterproof their images.

Add watermark is free and amazing but so easy and simple to use.  You pick a picture you want to add your watermark to.  You edit the text but can also edit how it goes on your picture, straight across, up to down, diagonal etc.

Saving again without their ads on your picture.

A few others I use 

Note pad, for during the day when you think of ideas etc.

Microsoft Word is also another great app to pretty write your blog.
There are so many apps out there but these ones I use daily for blogging but also Facebook posts on my business page, twitter instagram etc.


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