A few poems by myself

Why am I waiting? By Billie jo Priestley

It is the time yet I am still sat here waiting.

Why is it when I need you I am left waiting.

I am there within time when you need me.

But you can’t find the time to be here for me

I always feel like I am left here waiting.

Because you can not find the time.


How hard must I try?  By Billie jo Priestley

I spent hours getting it perfect

Expecting some praise

Yet you come in with a look of disgrace


Why are you never satisfied

Why is it never enough

What do I need to do to make you see

I try my best but my best is never good enough


Good Night Forever By Billie Jo Priestley

I sit here in the quiet

Thinking of those times

They days we spent laughing

The days we spent crying

When you passed you took a part of me

That part can never be replaced

My heart has broken into pieces

But I know I will soon seen your face again

The face I love so much

Looking down from heaven I know you are there

Watching over me with care



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