That mummy you judge!  Is already broken 

I am far from perfect just so you know.

I gave my child a chocolate early this morning to praise her for been so brave.

While you walk past me tutting calling me names.

The supermarket is their favorite place that’s right to scream and roll around on the floor.

While you watch me like I’m doing bad of course.

Yesterday I didn’t clean I didn’t see the point anymore you only come in and make it worse then before.

So then i have a unexpected visitor looking at me with disgrace on their face wondering why my house is such a state.

Yesterday was fun on the bus you pressed the bell again and again.

People complained and mutted control your kid not realising I have hearing defects.

Pushing my 6 year old daughter in the buggy to her next chemo appointment.

The mums stared and shook their heads as I sped up the pace 

Pictures of my 4yr old asleep with a dummy without it he would forget to breath it’s his life line tonight.

The social media police mummy crew out in force sharing my pictures what a horrid mum they would taunt.

My child screams and falls to the floor demanding to be picked up of course because his little legs can’t take no more.

While those who walk by passing judgements of course.
You see I am not a perfect mum and I highly doubt you are either.

We try our best to only do right but never seem to please you either.

Yes I am a mum who’s child is doing that but please look deeper before passing remarks.

You see i try be a perfect mum just like you and im sure you understand this to.

That no matter what you do there’s always someone there pointing and saying what a bad parent you are! 

Before you pass judgement on me or any other mum how about you think about the mum.

This mum didn’t sleep till gone midnight her baby teething all through the night.

Then off course at half past 4 the toddler wakes been sick on the floor.

Now it’s just gone 6:30 the mum got just a few hours sleep so getting ready she packs everything they need for the day forgetting the babies blankie of course

Just you remember when you see her just what it would have taken to be here.

How about some praise a quick “your doing great!”  so she feels amazed.

Rather then that disgusted look on your face! 

Now just think of this!  You do not know what that mum is going through or even the child.  You see that child could have just lost his daddy.  Or maybe their mummy just lost her mummy.

Maybe not that but how about this??  she’s already depressed and in bits.  That mummy you judge is just trying her best but all she can think is its a mess.

No money for a toy, the house is broken, she has no family anymore and was left broken.

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  1. barbdionicio says:

    This is so sad, beautiful and true all the same time. I’ve never understood why there is so much judgement on us mothers. We are all trying our best. I wish we lived in a world where we all supported each other more and gave each other an encoring word when they see us struggling. Thank you for sharing this.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a beautiful honest expression of a mom. We all know how sleep deprived we are and how much mess we have with kids. As much as we wanted to be perfect, we will never be. I love your heartfelt sharing. Thank you for sharing every mom wanted to say in this post.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Far too many feel judged which they are but the thing is of they love feed and cloth their kids that’s the most important thing. What anyone else says does not have a part in your life.


  4. GD Blog says:

    This makes me sad and miss more my Mama…I know my Mama’s trying to be a perfect mom for our family, too. Thanks for sharing this, this is heart-breaking yet such a great story to hear.


    1. Thank you hopefully people read and think twice about judging

      Liked by 1 person

      1. GD Blog says:

        True. Judging is not really good, understanding and acceptance are what we need to learn. ☺


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