Women more likely to become addicted to gambling then 5 years ago 

So I’m going to be honest,  when people hear of gambling addictions they think of men and bookies.  People automatically put gambling addiction in that setting because let’s be honest it used to be men who would become addicted not women.
Women didn’t gamble often yet men did.  You see it in films and on TV all the time men sat placing bets on horses, football and other sports.  It’s very rare you will see one where the focus is a women gambling but the truth is the number has rose so much.
A news article in the independent had one women Liz Karter Author of book women and problem gambling and an addiction therapist said.
“I am seeing a lot of young professional women come forward now -which I wouldn’t have seen five years ago.  I see it as it is a growing problem.  More and more women are suffering from depression and anxiety and I have worked with women who have chosen gambling over anti-depressants”

Booking shops where created in a way to pull men in and make it out to be a man’s game at the start which excluded women.  Then they opened online bingo and gambling which was to target women at home.
So what do I think?   I have to agree, men love the buzz of talking with friends even strangers about placing a bet in winning they get into it for the buzz of telling people.
Women however get into it to escape life mostly relationships.  They don’t tend to tell people much about winning and often enough they also don’t tell friends or partners they are joining a gambling site.  You don’t often hear a women say I’m going to go put £20 online slots but you do hear men saying I’m going to the bookies or I’m going to put a bet on.
As women gamble and are addicted they lose confidence they go out less and forget about friendships.  Women love to play games without much skill they often get referred to as escape gamblers.  Meaning we are more likely to be drawn to machines based on luck to distract ourselves from personal life.
Why are most of the women who are getting addicted to gambling under 35?  Well there is a few factors in my eyes.  

Typically a women over 35 will have required a good job role with friends from both work and social life.  Their relationships will be stronger as they have been together longer.  When they decide to have kids. Friends are settled down and stay friends.  With a large support network they begin a new amazing chapter in their life.
Now women under 35 they may have a good job.  But most still have school friends as friends.  When one gets pregnant it is easy for them to be forgot especially the younger they are.  Imagine  a 18 year old having a child.  I can as I did I have friends but soon they drifted away because they didn’t have kids.  Still going out in weekends, university etc they didn’t want to be sat with a mum complaining about lack of sleep.
So the mum gets depressed doesn’t socialise as much and online gambling is her new best friend it makes her forget about her life the no friends and depressed part leave her while she’s spinning them reels.

Now I’m not saying it’s just mums cause it certainly isn’t a lot of factors come into it.  leaving college and unable to follow friends to university, friends going traveling but you are unable to afford it.  Working long hours to just scrape by while others get twice your wage for doing nothing.
Women suffer from depression and other mental illnesses,  this is a big factor in it.  
People need to step out of the state of men gamble more so are more at risk.  They need to stop making online gambling appeal to those who are weak like I was.  Just like depression we need to show that men also suffer from it.
This world has enough bad in it without people feeling like they can not come forward because society tries to say it isn’t as bad as it would be if your a man.
Truth is gambling addictions in women has risen drastically and that is just the figures from those coming forward for help.  No matter what the addiction no matter what sex, age, race or religion you shouldn’t feel like it won’t be taken serious because they don’t fit the norm.
Gambling addictions should be made more aware for everyone.  The issue with these online sites??  They promote women playing,  you see a women getting excited waiting for that last number before shouting bingo!!   You see the games kittens, chocolate, cute animals all that attract women.  There is even bingo sites with women and pink and Queen in the names.
To me company’s are doing this because they found our weakness they found out that women gamble a lot as well and become addicted quickly.  They use that to make money and assume because they have the responsible gambling on their sites it makes it fine!   I will tell you now it certainly does not!! 
Not once while I was depositing £300-£1000 a week did they reach out and suggest there may be a addiction.  Just looking at my accounts you could clearly see i was fit years.  That is the difference between online and bookies.  Online no one cares it’s a  computer doing the work while people sit back and watch people become addicted lose money while it goes on their pockets.
A bookies is known to have suggested to regulars they may have addiction.  they do not stop them betting but give them advice to look into it.
This right here is what got me addicted!! 

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