38 days gamble free date night and new hair cut 

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So yesterday for the first time in ages me and my partner had a date night or rather date afternoon.  With 5 kids the only time we get together alone is when the kids are in bed.  Which normally means I’m out cold just as fast as they are.
It was lovely we went into town and had a walk along the canal followed by a pub for a  drink.  It was amazing how relaxed and happy I felt in those three hours.

So today is day 38 of not gambling seems like it’s more like month 38 while it feels like it’s gone quick it also has gone slow.  But every day I feel better and more like I’m achieving something new.

Today I cut my hair.  It was down to my hips but so damaged from my OCD I never felt comfortable outside without a hat on.
Just see this video to see just how short some bits where because of my OCD.

So I decided on a style I  chose this one or as similar as possible with my hair been damaged.

As she cut the hair I watched it drop to the floor I honestly thought I would feel sad or anxious but no in actually felt happy and relaxed.  I didn’t feel like I needed to hide under a hat any more.

I mean I would wear the hat every where and feel anxious if I couldn’t find it.   When the time came to go outside I would panic if it wasn’t where I thought it was thinking I can’t go outside without my hat.
Well here is the start project

And my end project

I honestly love it and I don’t feel like people are staring wondering why my hair looked so bad even wearing a hat you could see the damage on the longer parts.
I am now also booked into a 6 week course for therapy.  They will help with my anxiety first because that is the worst out of the depression and ocd.
Things are starting to look up.  And I can not wait to reach 2 months gamble free!!

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  1. Mindfump says:

    Well done on week 38! That is very impressive and the date night sounds lovely. Oh, and the new hair is great too!


      1. Mindfump says:

        You are more than welcome!


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