Depression, Anxiety, ocd, Addiction and adult coloring review 

I so needed a hobbie like badly since stopping gambling I realised that was in a weird twisted way my hobbie.  I guess though it’s just the same for a alcoholic or drug user it becomes their expensive hobbie just like mine.
And expensive it certainly was.  With the money I had deposited I could have gone on holiday around 13 times if it cost around £1200 each holiday.  I could have bought a car I don’t drive so while people would be thinking that would be a waste it wouldn’t because then I would a physical thing to show with this 14k I lost.

I could have hired a full time nanny or cleaner.  I could have put a deposit down for a house or even got my business off to a better start.  I could have hired an amazing guitar tutor, payed for several years gym membership.  The list is endless! 
But no way at the time gambling was my hobbie my only hobbie.  While I thought the other things I did was my hobbies they where more like those one of fun things you decide to do.
Gambling was certainly my hobbie and now it’s gone I find my mind searching for it, searching for the hobbie it misses.  Asking in Facebook for ideas for what hobbies are good and inexpensive.  The last thing I want to do is be spending loads on another hobbie!

Stitching, crochet, drawing, yoga, travelling, running, swimming, candle making, soap making the list was endless.
After a few hours of looking and thinking I came to a conclusion.  First was adult coloring books.  Yes that is right because it’s meant to be amazing for helping with mental illnesses and stress etc.

Then I decided OK how about week day mornings while kids are at school and nursery.  I do a work out dvd and a yoga dvd.  I have the equipment so it won’t cost a thing!
Then why not continue with blogging.  Since starting this blog I have found a real love and hobbie I did not realise it before.  Now I do, while I love sharing my story and my family life I wanted to do something different as well.  So I started embrace and love your body blog.  That blog will feature recipes, healthy tips, exercises and reviews from products and work out dvds I am going to be using.
So let’s talk about coloring and does it really help?   I have to say yes it does.  OK it’s not a cure I’m not 100 % better but it helps.
I have noticed while coloring I’m the adult coloring books I hair pick less, which means it distracts me from my ocd.  I seem more relaxed as well with everything that has been happening.  Honestly I have felt in edge constantly waiting for something bad to happen.  While I’m coloring and for some time after it seems settled my anxiety as well.  As I said is not a cure I’m not better but I do believe that these books actually help your state of mind of will for most.

The designs are do different from simple easy designs to complicated mind boggling illusions.  However there is no wrong way of doing them that’s the beauty of these books.  While some love simple coloured techniques others love complicated time consuming designs.

For me I would have to say try it do not just start it and it it down instantly get into it.  Think about the pattern, what colours would you like to use?  Which colours where.
Afterwards comment below and let me know what you think!   Have you tried coloring as a hobbie or way or helping your mental state?   If so let me know below how you found it.

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