Review! Charlotte Crosby 3 minute belly blitz

So I have a few work out and yoga dvd’s  So I though what better way to share them then to give honest reliable reviews.

I am starting with the Charlotte Crosby 3 minute belly blitz.  This DVD I did 5 out of 7 days around October-December time. Getting started with exercising has always been my weak point along with actually sticking to it and doing it.  If I do not enjoy it I won’t bother doing it again not because I can not be bothered but it wont help motivate me to do it.


I will be honest I have tried several different ones in my time and some are worse then others some I am glad I got for free because I did not enjoy them or continue to do them.  That is the big thing here you need to exercise but it HAS TO BE SOMETHING YOU ENJOY! There is no point exercising if you do not enjoy it and you feel worse after then you did when you started.


So here is my review of the work out DVD.  I actually bought it on Sky store it is now on my TV, Laptop, Phone and even on DVD!  Put it this way I liked it so much I did not give a second thought to buying her next Bum Blitz DVD!  Which I will be doing next to give a review.


The workout is amazing, Short 3 minute bursts of exercising, No 15 minutes doing the same three work outs over and over. The warm up itself actually gets you burning fat from the get go as she says on the DVD!   It is hard but not to the point where you feel like giving up after 3 minutes!  There is also a easier version which is demonstrated all through the work out session.  I found I could do some the hard way but others I had to use the short cut version but found it still worked as well.


It is fun and upbeat and the music is also great.  The instructors are amazing and so motivating even though its on DVD  this is what you need!  Motivation during the work out not just someone telling you what to do.  You need something like this that keeps you motivated and tells you to keep going!


My review is defiantly going to be a 9/10 the only reason it does not get a 10/10 is because in between the 3 minute work out it cuts off to start the next 3 minute session.  I would rather it not cut out to say session 2 session 3 etc.  So you can actually see them doing the whole routine without having a break like so many others do.


But honestly if you struggle to stick to a work out or find them boring this is the thing for you with, squats, lunges, kicking, punching and so much more it is an amazing fast paced work out.



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