Good bye long locks 

Well I’m having to say goodbye to my hair!!   It has taken so long to grow back but because of how bad my anxiety and ocd have been my hair is totally destroyed.
This is it now it looks prefect in this picture doesn’t it??  Amazing actually but guess what pictures are deceiving.

So it is half way down my back right now but no one sees it ever other then in pictures because of how bad it really like!!  So I wear a hat when ever I am out!
With summer coming I don’t want to have to and one way to not have to wear a hat that is to have it all cut off and start again, why?   Because it will get rid of all the damaged hair plus all the split ends only around 10% of my hair is actually healthy and undamaged.

Just look at these!!

So the best way I can think of it is to say good bye to my hair!   Now people have said get layers that would work of my hair was not so damaged but so much is short and it cut into layers it would look wonky.
So here’s a few styles I have been looking at getting.

The other good thing is if I have it done I will feel more confident in going out abd opening the door without first grabbing my hat.
Now the issue of who or where is best to go who can do it well with the amount of damage.

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7 Comments Add yours

  1. kage2015 says:

    Change is good and especially if it will make you and your hair feel better. Here is to no hats.


    1. Thank you it sure will if I don’t need to wear a hat.


  2. I like the styles that you’ve been looking at. Good luck with our new, shorter hairstyle. I bet you’ll love it!


  3. If you always feel like you have to cover your hair with a hat, it’s time to cut it. The styles you are inspired by are so cute and I bet you’ll feel great about your hair.


  4. lindaluke says:

    Funny. I have the exact same hairstyle pictures in a folder on my computer, but I already have short hair. Some stylists will let you come in for a consultation before a cut. I think talking to an expert will help you get the best results. She may have some great products to recommend as well.


  5. hal bloss says:

    nice! its so liberating to have a fresh start with your hair!


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