Back to school and potty training 

So my last post was Thursday.  Well what has happened since? 
Friday we went out, I got all the kids ready and we walked to our local asda.  It is about half hour walk away.  The joys of having 5 kids?   Even though you ask when your leaving does anyone need the toilet you can guarantee within 15 minutes of leaving the house one of them needs it.
It was lovely to get out the house.  We walked through the park it isn’t a actual park just fields etc the youngest 4 took their toy kiddizoom cameras to take pictures on the way.  My son connected to my Internet to play his Pokemon on the way.  It’s amazing in like 3 days he uses all his data!
We went in McDonald’s and they got 2 happy meals to share a hamburger and extra fries.  Elysa went to the toilet after complaining she needed it all the way there.
Asda was fun kids wanting every costume possible for world book day!!   Seriously though 5 costumes x £15 is £75!
For just one day that £75 is half our average weekly food shop! 

Walking home I realised the youngest Sophia who is 3 next month actually walked all the way there around the shops and back!   After looking at my phone I realised it took us 3 hours but still amazing she walked so much.
The weekend was my up to much preparing for them to go back to school making sure everything was washed and ready! 
Monday came I was looking forward to having them mornings back to myself for a change!  Monday I had to do a small shop and buy Elysa a new school bag after age left hers on the bus! 
Today has been a eventful honestly!   Morning I went into town had some me time.  Then picking Sophia up from nursery I found out she has been using the potty there daily without any accidents!   I wad like seriously at home she sits on it but when she’s to go she runs and puts a pull up on!   Apparently she does it to get a stamp at the end of the day.

So armed and ready with sweets I tried again at home telling her if you do a wee you get one sweet a poo you get 2 
Well of course all day shes having a wee on the potty even had a poo twice!   To think all this time at nursery she’s been pulling her pull-up down and going on potty but at home she refused made us all laught.
I realised last night she starts school next year full time!! That’s just 19months and shes off to school full time. It made me sad thinking of it cause to me I still see her as my little baby!! 


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