What Clean Eating Means To Me

Now people think that clean eating means you just have fruit, Salads and Veg.

It is far more then that.  You see certain things we put into our bodies every day because they taste nice we do not actually think are not meant for human consumption.  This is because it is sold in all the shops everywhere not illegal and everyone else eats them.


Lets look at some stats.  We will start with dairy.

So Approximately 75 % of Earths population is lactose intolerant!  Now is it just me or does that seem like a very big number? Why are we still selling and promoting it knowing this?  But think of this how many of those 75% got through their life suffering because of milk and do not think something as simple as milk can cause them to become ill?

People and companies advertise it was perfectly natural.  It may be yes it comes from cows and is pure however was cows milk made for human consumption? No it is for calf’s Could you imagine a mother expressing her breast milk and feeding it to a kitten or a puppy? It would more then likely cause the pet to become ill because it is not meant for their system.


One of the biggest signs is the fact you are told not to give babies milk until 6 months then it has to be cooked in food then around 12 months they can start drinking it.  But why all of a sudden do they say no that when you switch them to cows milk they need vitamins?  How many 1 year olds can you think of that get ill and are unable to drink milk?  Is it normal?  Yes now it is but lets be honest why are we told that when our children hit 1 year old you should switch them from what ever milk they drink to cows milk?


Now the reason i chose milk is because my daughter had several issues, unable to sleep, waking crying, cramps, unable to go to the toilet etc.  She did not have cows milk until she was 16 months! But from 11 months when I stopped breastfeeding and switched her to baby milk we started seeing issues.  I never though it was the milk because its made for babies but after nearly a year looking at the ingredients It actually has milk in!  So no you should not give your baby cows milk it is frowned upon however check your baby milk because it actually has cows milk in!


So now I have said that lets look at clean eating and what I see it as.

I do not see clean eating as something like Vegans where you only eat natural untouched items that have fallen off the tree not picked etc.


To me clean eating is about cutting out those foods which have items in that can cause problems.  So lactose 75% of people have a intolerance to it.Lets look at gluten now I could not find one for world wide but here is some info on the amount of people in America 18 million Americans may have non-celiac gluten sensitivity.

That is just a bit but there is also yeast, full dairy, wheat, the list is endless.  And while some will be fine eating them all a lot of people do not realize but they actually are intolerant in some way even if it a bit and over time it can cause bigger issues.

My favorite meals for clean eating are things like, Pork chop, Sweet mash potato, and veg.  Scrambled egg, omelets etc using coconut milk, almond milk or similar.  Stuffed mushrooms, peppers even stuffed tomatoes.  There is truly something for everyone.  Sunday dinner, Cook chicken and veg and they can be stored in the fridge for the next few days.


Clean eating is essentially cutting out the packaged food that has added things to it such as preservatives etc.  Is it easy?  No!  But honestly over time it gets easier and the difference in your health is shocking.  I know I did a month of only clean eating, drinking water and avoiding those nasty foods and chemicals and in that month I felt better then I have in over 20 years!  And no I am not a typical junk food person I eat healthy most days but still those foods had some sort of chemicals in them.





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