Imagination of a 4year old 

So today is the first day out with all the kids by myself since everything happened.  I was looking forward to it seeing family and getting some much needed freedom from the house.

Started off great, kids up and dressed then fed we left the house around 10:30 am.  Not bad considering I didn’t have to move today I could have stayed in lol.

On first bus things going well and then second bus kids having fun with their toy cameras taking pictures on the way of the country side and animals etc.

So things where going amazing 3 bus stops before we get off and yuk yuk yuk Keira was sick several times on herself then all over her coat luckily not anywhere on the actual bus!!   So get to my dad’s house be throws her clothes in the washer and gives her one of his t-shirts to wear.  Plus a jacket from Elysa to make sure she was warm.

I’m still confused why she was sick she had her anti sickness tablet for travel and hasn’t been sick once before while taking it but clearly it didn’t work today.

My mums dog was at my dad’s so Keira enjoyed having cuddles with him while I tried to teach her how to be gentle cause she is quiet often heavy handed!! 

So let’s get to the imagination of a four year old I so hope this was all get imagination.  For some reason she just came out with there was a ghost under her need last night!! 

Like seriously I felt like going home packing and running lol she continued to talk about how it was white she continued to explain it then said it was eating porridge omg I felt like laughing but did not obviously.  So to go along with it I asked questions.  I said next time she sees the ghost she should tell it to go home.  Get response “mum I can’t it doesn’t know where to go we have to help ”  My response “OK so where does this ghost live?” 

“mum the ghost lived with its mum dad and sister but I don’t know where”

I sat there thinking OK strange she’s never spoke about ghosts etc before.  Asking more questions I said “well I guess it can stay because it’s a nice ghost”  her response was like shocking now before I say it the closet thing she’s watched about ghosts is casper!  Yeah you know the friendliest ghost.

“no mum it isn’t it dragged me out of bed by my hair and pulled me under the bed I was screaming and you didn’t hear me”  I literally was shocked it was like she was explaining that paranormal activity film.  Trying to distract her and change the conversation didn’t work her story got funnier,  it apparently ate all our food in the kitchen last night, under the bed there was also a monster and spiders and dogs oh and not to forget the tiger.  Clearly distracting her from the ghost thing worked lol she now got to tigers and things under hers and get sisters bed.  Is weird in sat here now thinking could she have seen a ghost abd made up all those things about it?? Did she have some very scary dream??  Or was it just her making up a story??  I have no idea at all.  We went home the twins bought some stuff with their money off grandad for their birthday.

So by 6:45 all the kids where in bed and asleep except the eldest.  So in sat here now Keira wakes crying I sort her out Mia and Sophia for some reason they all where up.  5 minutes later Keira crying again so my partner goes in for her to be distraught because Mia is looking at her.

Well that was our day today I hope you enjoyed been in our journey tomorrow is a duvet day I think with lots of films.
Please share your kids funny or true ghost story below and let me know what you think is it real or is it really her imagination??  Help would be amazing.

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