Frozen or fresh you choose 

Simple food makes delicious food

To many people assume to eat healthy either costs to much or is hard to prepare and cook.
Fact it its actually really not that hard and as for price I personally don’t think it costs more but even if it did you can’t put a price on your health.  What would work out to cost less money?  Eating healthy or paying out loads in weight loss program’s, diabetes treatment, high cholesterol treatments etc.
To many people say they don’t have a choice but you do let’s look at pricing for a second.
Frozen meal which is the stores value products.

8 breaded chicken burgers £1.20

Frozen chips £1

Tin of beans 50p

So total would be £2.75 average for the cheapest every day value products for one meal family of 4 on the basis dad has 3 chicken burgers cause of how small they are mum has 2 and kids have 1 and a half each.

Now let’s say you buy the more expensive branded products around £2 for 4 breaded burgers x2 chips £2 beans 75p total around £7.75 average.
Now let’s look at say shepherds pie.  This can be stored in freezer or fridge a well and used again after because it makes such a large portion.

Mince £4 for 500lb average

1 carrot 15p average

Peas 25p average

Stock £1 average and left over for another 2 meals

Potatoes £1average

That makes let’s say average £7 yes £7 for a shepherds pie that fed us 7 plus had left over for us all the next day!
So you see even with the £2.75 cheap value products that would be £5.50 average for 2 days of meals so for around £1.20 more you could have cooked a home made meal that would serve say a family of 4 around 3 times and our family of 7 twice!

To many people look and see cheap prices on pre made frozen foods and think it’s an amazing deal.
How about this look at the actual stats of some of these food.


Lets look at one supermarkets cheap own brand breaded chicken burgers these stats are per burger!

  • Energy

    ,7%of your GDA

  • Fat

    8.3g,12%of your GDA

  • Saturates

    2.0g,10%of your GDA

  • Sugars

    0.8g,1%of your GDA

  • Salt


Now remember most people one of these burgers would not be enough a man would need on average 3 or 4 because of how thin and little poultry you actually get!  So lets say you have two that is 24% of your GDA fat in them 2 burgers! Before adding on chips, beans etc.  And of course along with this you also have the big issue of the energy etc is junk so not long after you need to eat again because your low on energy or hungry.

That seem shocking?  Lets look at a tin of baked beans seems a great deal yes like 30-40p average for a tin.

  • Energy

    ,9%of your GDA

  • Fat

    1.1g,2%of your GDA

  • Saturates

    0.3g,2%of your GDA

  • Sugars

    9.5g,11%of your GDA

  • Salt



22% of your GDA salt!  Oh that is half a can as well so if your thinking beans on toast and have a full can 44% of your salt intake has gone without adding the salt from your butter if you add it to your toast!


Short cuts seem like a great idea you throw it in oven go back twenty minute later and remove it and its cooked no hassle but just what are you putting in to yours and your families body?


I suggest you go now take out a typical meal that you cook that is frozen or pre-packed add you all the salt sugar content and see just how much you have left to eat that day after that one mean.





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