Half term is here! 

So here it is half term I hope some of you enjoy my story and day to day life of having 5 kids.
I won’t say it’s easy cause honestly it isn’t yes it gets easier but like any parent you have then days when you just want to hide away.  So I have 5 kids kyle is the eldest who is 10 turning 11 this year.  Then I have twin girls Mia and Elysa who just turned 6, followed by anther girl Keira who is 4 turning 5 this year and lastly the baby of the family Sophia who is 2 turning 3 this year.  Big family yes but I come from a big family myself been one of 7 kids.  Oh and not to forget our doggie Bailey as well as he is part of our family.

So let’s get down and dirty don’t worry I’m just kidding 5 kids though things certainly do get dirty as you can probably imagine.

So yesterday was officially the first day of half term.  It was a day off cleaning and been freezing.  The boiler broke Sunday morning and no one could come fix it till Monday or we hoped.  So up I get with all 5 kids at 6am cereal and breakfast made I have a cup of tea.  Afterwards the kids sit playing in the living room while I catch up on my TV.  Cleaning commenced at around 11 as my son was picked up to go to a friends house for the day.
Followed by a walk to play Pokemon with the kiddies and my partner and back home again.  Then it was finally time for the guy to come fix the boiler hopefully.  Well 15 minutes after he arrived tried everything he gave up and ordered a new part.  Another night without heating or hot water yay!  What fun or should I say not. Kids feed and in bed and asleep by 6:45 then it was me time I so wanted a relaxing bath but clearly that was off the list tonight.  So instead I had a night cuddled in bed with my partner watching a film before falling asleep.
Here’s day two of the half term so it’s Tuesday still freezing by now though we are getting used to it getting up I get dressed 2 pairs of leggings under my jeans 2 tops a cardigan and a jumper plus my socks and slipper socks followed by my dressing gown.  Kids all wrapped up it was a duvet day with films nothing majorly big all snuggled up watching films under a blanket to keep warm.
Finally the guy is back at 5pm to fix the boiler we have heating yay thanks to the new part a tiny like screw thing.  Seriously no heating or hot water cause a little bit needed replaced.

But it’s 6pm now so just getting kids ready for bed then tonight I am so having that long relaxing bath I needed!! 

Tomorrow might be a trip out dependent on when this parcel is going to arrive.  If not tomorrow then in getting out this house with the kids for a few hours.
Here’s a few pictures of Monday and today they love love love their play make up as you can tell.


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