Back to work 

Oh my how amazing it feels just to be working again!!  Since I admitted to having a gambling Addiction I have not worked at all my business I have left for the time while I sorted myself out.
So the last few days my Facebook is getting back to how it used to be supportive posts for other networkers, training and tips.  It honestly feels amazing and there isn’t a fog there that used to be when I was so caught up in gambling.
I have a long way to go yes but in getting there bit by bit.  Starting work again even if it is from home is giving me a purpose it’s giving me something to focus on and to aim for.  For to long I let gambling get in the way of my life, relationship, work and goals but now I’m ready to go for them.
Starting back with my motivation and mindset which I love because at the same time I can use the same techniques to help my gambling addiction.  Things are ready to change in preparing for the launch of an amazing company and helping others achieve their goals as well.
Here’s to the future the last few days have been good yes I’m sure I’m going to have a few bad days but the days I will remember when I do are days like these with hope abd happiness.

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