The depressed mind 

Each person is so different and living with someone who suffers depression is not the same for every person.

Every situation is different just because you live with someone depressed does certainly not mean your going through the same or your situation is worse or better then others.

Let’s take a look at some scenarios of different people and their families.
Scenario one Dave is 56 he’s worked his whole life for the same company.  The company closes leaving him without a job.  Now people think he’s 56 kids left home grown up it can’t be that bad.

Dave struggles to find work due to his age, he starts saving money in any way he can skipping them Friday night out with his work friends, then Saturday date nights with his wife, and monthly big family events.  Dave becomes isolated feeling worthless for having to rely on his wife’s income.  and starts having thoughts like “I’m useless and can’t get a job”   “My family would be better off without me”  “no one will hire me because I’m not a good enough mechanic.  This means then that Dave losses interest in cars which he has had since such a young age

Lets now take a look at scenario two.
Sarah is a single mum of 2 and expecting a baby things where going great she had a job and left for maternity.  During maternity been heavily pregnant and having two kids under 5 she struggled to get out.

When baby 3 came alone she started feeling depressed from postnatal depression, she did not feel like she could bond with her baby and like the baby didn’t love her and she struggled to breastfed so swapped to bottle. She started thinking things like. ” I’m a rubbish mum”  “there is something wrong with me why can’t I bond with my baby” “what sort of mum am I when I can’t even feed my baby Successfully”

With all this she starts feeling the same be her older two children as well and doesn’t do as many fun activities with them.

Scenario three.

A child had an amazing upbringing however in high school at 14 they suffered bullying kids called them fat and useless.  They start having thoughts “I don’t fit in anywhere” “everyone hates me”  “I’m ugly”  “everyone would be happy if I was dead” 

As you can see one of the biggest things people do when depressed is shut themselves off from the world.  Not feel worthy of life abd believe people are better off without them.
Everyone gets depressed at some time in life most are able to move on without any problems or help but for some they get sucked deeper and deeper in and the further in they get the harder it is to climb out.

Then of course the longer it goes on without support and help there is chances of become more ill and suffering other mental problems and if course having certain mental issues can also lead to depression if not handled correctly.

Then there is another thing they say hobbies are great to help relieve some of the depression something you get enjoyment out of.  The thing is these can sometimes lead to…. ADDICTION why?   Because when you drink a few glasses of wine, take drugs, gamble, shop etc you get a good feeling which your body ends up craving more and more until you find your addicted.

Share a little bit of your story below and help raise awareness.  everyone’s depression starts and ends different so just because your symptoms are not the same as someone else’s it doesn’t me your not depressed.

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  1. Thank you for bringing attention to how depression can manifest & how each and every person suffers differently. I have only recently began telling my story, I have heard from people how “well when I had depression I didn’t think or feel that” it’s very frustrating. I can also relate to addiction being a partner with depression I never realised it before treatment how one glass of wine turned into a bottle, almost every night, I didn’t put two and two together that it was linked to be it was needed. Thank you


    1. Thank you it helps to share and I have had a lot of people reach out for support especially when families think it’s as easy as snapping out of it.

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  2. Lee G says:

    As it’s the first time I am at your blog, I want to say that I really like your header photo, looks so cute!^^
    And this is a very interesting post. I think, nowadays depression is a big issue. And if someone close to you has depression it’s hard to help and you can get depressed too :/


  3. Shruti says:

    I have only known my cousin who fought depression after her marriage broke abruptly. It took her a lot of therapy, medication and most importantly support from family and friends to come out of it. She is a happy person now. And I’m so happy for her
    Depression can strike anyone anytime. It does take a lot of courage to talk about it and get help. Love that you wrote on such an issue that needs more awareness than people already have about it.


    1. Thank you people need to stop hiding and feeling ashamed of something that is so common.


  4. Lindsey says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on depression. Even though I have not been diagnosed by a doctor yet. I do believe I struggle with depression. Things in my life have been really hard over the last couple of years and I have been trying very hard to get out of the slump I have been in for over a year. Some days are really hard where I feel like giving up on my efforts to make things better and just except where I am at in life is always where I will be. I know that this is not an attitude to have so I do keep trying and live in hope that one day things will better. I will have a good job. My blog will be a success and I won’t have to live paycheck to paycheck.


    1. It is hard to get help in the beginning for depression is like a addiction in a way telling you that you don’t have a problem. I hope you find help that can make you better.


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