Let’s talk about exercise.

Now for me exercise is so much more then just getting fit.  Most Pele assume you only need to exercise to lose weight or to become fitter.  For me it really is live changing let’s talk about why.

So I suffer from a few things IBS OCD Depression and Anxiety.  Now I know these illnesses will never leave me but I can ease them and make them more manageable.  How??   With exercise yes that’s right exercise. Now I’m not saying it’s just exercise that helps I do other things as well but I find exercise has really helped my illnesses.
So let’s start with my mental illnesses. Depression anxiety and OCD exercise helps so much it makes me feel energetic.  It helps keep me active and wanting to move.  The biggest issue such depression is you get up and don’t get active and you stay like that for most of the day achieving nothing leaving you feeling down.
For my IBS it helps so much so would have thought something like exercise would help it certainly didn’t cure it but it helps.
Im not saying do an hour work out every morning a quick 5 minute routine would be just as good.

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