Good bye control 

So today was going so so well I was feeling proud.  Achieving so much and really enjoying today.  Then around 4:45 a knock at the door I knew instantly who it was.
Answering there stood the landlord and instantly my anxiety shot up.  I was doing so well I don’t understand why he can’t just call, I’m always so on edge in case he shows up just when I b start to relax and think he won’t and he will call or text he shows up no notice.  It’s literally making me ill him showing up when ever. I don’t feel comfortable talking to him at all so some notice would help but just showing up is making it so much worse.

I once actually told him that he was breaking the tenancy by doing it but he didn’t listen.  All it was for his visit was to say that his friend was going to come so a gas check once he gets in touch with him and to make sure I answer the phone when he calls.

I mean how hard would that have been to text not at all I don’t hear anything from him and he just shows. So now I’m sat here leg jigging and trying not to destroy my hair any more.  Moving would be amazing I am not used to having a landlord that shows up when ever be feels like it and it really isn’t helping.
But what made it worse the fact before coming here he apparently messaged my mother in law saying I’m ignoring calls and texts and had starting the eviction process but nothing like that to me.


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