18 days gamble free 

So today is day 18 already I feels like it’s been so much longer since I gambled but  at the same time it doesn’t feel like I have over come the addiction yet.  I am so proud of what I have achieved in these last few weeks, yes it’s been hard and a battle but I am doing it my own way.

People have started making a point of saying how easy it was to stop or saying gambling is not an addiction and people just get carried away.  Let me tell you this Yes gambling is a addiction as bad as any others but in all honesty I see it as worse than drugs or Alcohol.  The reason why??  Here’s a few facts….

Alcohol and drugs while your in the stages of recovery your body detoxies the alcohol or drugs out it makes the need for them not to be as strong.  It’s still hard yes but with gambling it isn’t something you put on your body so your can’t detox it out its always there.

Triggers are things that encourage you to go back to your addiction these things make you think about your addiction and crave it.

Alcohol these tend to be pubs, shops with alcohol, going to a party,purple drinking around you and the feeling of wanting to feel how you do when you drink.

Drugs are the same as alcohol talking to people you know can get you the drugs, walking past the house you would normally get them from, and again the need or want to have the feeling you get when you take them.
Gambling wow let’s talk about the triggers so besides from the obvious stuff scratch cards abd lottery in shops betting shops. You then have raffles, you have people around you gambling, you have bingo locations around you.  But that is the physical things you can see and touch the biggest one is the need to have that feeling of risk of winning this is part of every day life.  Imagine entering a competition the rush and excitement that is just like gambling.  Imagine the risk feeling of opening a business it is also a trigger reminding you have gambling.
You see that is the point gambling is a risk it is winning it is losing this happens in every day life you do something out pays off you get that sense of you won and achieved it that itself is a trigger.  
All addictions are bad they all effect you in so many ways so to say gambling isn’t really an addiction is crazy as it’s the one with the most triggers that you get all the time in your life.  This is why a lot of gamblers do at some point gamble again they get the feeling every day then their minds keeps telling them how amazing it was and how they got that feeling while gambling.
I am so happy to have made it this far it was hard but I basically hit rock bottom which is why if someone had told me 4 months ago to stop I wouldn’t have been able to it would have been so much harder.

Every day I walk in the shop the scratch cards are there right where I pay, my mind still tries to play tricks on me telling me just one but I know it won’t ever be just one which is why I fight it.


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