How my ocd effects me 

A lot of people joke about wanting someone to have a obsessive compulsive disorder so they tidy the house better or remember to turn off switches at night but the truth is living with a obsessive compulsive disorder is far from easy or fun and I would not wish it on my worse enemy ever.

Mine is not cleaning, it isn’t turning off switches or feeling the need to scrub my body to be sure it is clean it isn’t even hair pulling.  Mine started in my pregnancy with my twins.  Explaining it to the doctor I got pushed away told it was due to the stress of the twin pregnancy and it would pass after they where born.  It didn’t it resulted in me having to have my hair cut so short to try hide the damageby short I mean like this picture below.

This was not because I liked the style or it suited me it was purely to hide the damage.
Over the years it has got better then worse always there.  Recently it has got so bad most of my hair is now ruined.  You see I dint hair pick out hair pull.  I damage my hair I split the ends where it is damaged and if it’s not I scrap the hair between my nails till it damages and I can split it.

My hair looks like hair that has been burnt out isn’t pleasant and I can’t put it up because of it I now can only wear a hat to hide it.  Ocd does not just effect someone in the sense of what they do but also the effects that has on their lives.  So you really think that person wants to hover 4 to 7 times a day and enjoys it??  Or that the person who has to go around switching off all switches twice before going to sleep enjoys it? 
No and to be honest it is damaging to every part of their lives someone who cleans would be fine with a cup been left in the side after a friend came over someone with ocd would have to wash that cup while their friend was still there.
Ocd does not just effect you in what you do but in your every day life as well.  People need to understand that it is not as easy as just stopping or been told don’t do it.  It’s like a addiction but worse because nothing can really stop it.  Yes medication can numb it so it’s not as bad but it never truly leaves.

This is my hair now after this gambling addiction it has got worse pills don’t seem to numb it so now I’m trying my own methods to stop it from been so bad.
Always remember ocd can be anything it doesn’t have to be the norm everyone’s different if you even suspect you out someone else is suffering ask for help there is no shame on it.

This is my hair now I don’t tend to show my hair but I feel I should to show that ocd is not as simple as some believe.

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