Facts about gambling addictions.

Most people think the number one problem sometime with gambling Addiction has is financial.  This is wrong some people with gambling addictions do not have financial difficulty.  Gambling addiction is more then just money it effects people on all levels. It is a emotional Addiction that varies from person to person.  Some use gambling to relieve stress, others to help with anxiety, depression some do it for the feeling of euphoria when they gamble.
The bottom line is like with all addictions it is linked to the mind.  Like the alcoholic saying I’ll just have one a gambler says I’ll just bet once even though they know that one will turn into two then three until they are out of control again.

Pathological gamblers are more likely to have a mental illness or a substance use disorder.  Research has shown around 50% of gamblers have a mood disorder, 41.3% had experienced anxiety and 60% had experienced a personality disorder.
Around 80% of the world has gambled at leaste once. it is true that men are more likely to become addicted to gambling then women are.  It is estimated that around 350,000 people on the UK have a gambling problem and the number is rising each year.  Amazingly only 5% seek out help and only actually 1% get treatment to with their gambling problems.  

People believe that because you do not gamble every day out means you do not have a addiction Wrong! A problem gambler is someone who gambles and it causes problems, spends all the money, leaves no money for food electric,effects their socal life etc.

Paying off a gamblers debt is not the best way to help them.  You are telling them your giving them a way out they now know they can come to you to help if they gamble and do it again.  They don’t face any real struggle to repay the debts their gambling has caused.
Whether you are rich or poor gambling can be a problem someone poor might only gamble £100 and have no money for food while a rich person may gamble £3000 in that day and have food that does not mean it did not effect them mentally.  compulsive gambling does not just effect irresponsible people anyone can become addicted no matter how responsible they are no one gambles for the first time thinking I’m going to keep going and lose everything they all think the same it will never happen to me.  People saying it’s only a problem if you lose again is also incorrect.
The thing to remember is gambling is just like any addiction no one thinks they will become addicted and it ruins peerless lives every day rich or poor they all lose and are effected.

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