A trip to the hospital 

Yesterday was a good day.  Waking up again feeling starving and like all week ate a lot.  Up at six to get ready and get my daughter ready for her hospital visit.

It feels so weird leaving the house on a morning with only one kid.  Im so used to leaving on a morning with all five kids so leaving with just one didn’t feel right.

Got to the hospital at nine and was out by twenty past. So this allergy testing appointment that was meant to take a couple of hours was more of just a catch up.  Im in a way grateful I’m not sure I could have coped sitting there for so long.  Im still on edge a lot not in the sense I’m close to gambling but like my emotions are all over one minute in happy the next I’m feeling like I’m ready to burst into tears.

Today went show until I got the kids getting home Sophia fell asleep on the sofa. To wake up come over for a cuddle and fall asleep on me as well so we both cuddled and had a nap.  We had a late dinner at around 2:30 when we woke up quick jacket potatoe with cheese and beans.  

Getting kids from school and home went well waiting for the bus is always stressful with all five but it wasn’t any worse then normal days.  Bad mum day today feeling like I can’t be bothered to do anything so a  quick beans on toast for tea.  Yes my kids love it a bad mummy move.  Tonight home made sausage casserole I am just feed up of cooking at tea time and me not been able to eat any of it.

Kids in bed for 6:30 all asleep for 7:15 at which point I laid on the bed next to my partner and fell asleep literally straight away woke around 10:23 pm had a quick snack and back to sleep by 11.  

Yesterday was a good day getting out even though it was to hospital felt good. So today will be day 12 of been gambling free 12 days I’m shocked in them 12 days I would normally have lost around £600! Big changes happening to get my life and money back on track and it’s all for my kids and my partner.

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